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September 28, 2014 / 9 ♥





It’s been a while since I posted #foodporn in my social media accounts just because I’m still on a diet and I really restrict myself from eating in fastfood and restaurants. I decided to go out with my family today and we had Japanese for lunch. We had rice bowls with stuff on them, bento, ramen, and milkshakes. I didn’t like it. I love Yabu. Bye.

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Last Semester in College: Update

September 28, 2014 / 8 ♥

I’m hitting Week 4 this coming week! 10 more weeks til I’m out of school! This selfie is very relevant to what I’ll be saying. I’m stressed.

The first week was very chill and I was still contemplating about how my professors will be until the end of the term. I was still fine.

Second and third week gave me restless weekends and bad thoughts about how the hell can I finish my projects on time without sacrificing my principle of getting enough sleep everyday. I started wearing business attire for a class, I am seriously carving rubber to make a stamp, I was chased by a girl because my new sandals is really pretty, I felt so drained from going home at 9 and reaching home an hour or less before midnight, I didn’t really have any recent photos - not even my OOTDs.

I am becoming more organized now - my OCness is the bomb! I list everything everywhere everytime. But you know, God bless me. I wanna finish this semester happily. Sorry for being busy but please excuse me.

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#LVat20 at Sofitel

September 07, 2014 / 10 ♥



I don’t have a lot of photos with me so I’ll just post what I took when I walked around the hotel at midnight. I was too lazy to edit, pardon. I just borrowed my friend’s camera because I was too lazy to bring mine.

It’s midnight so don’t expect a lot of people. It was quite fascinating how night life happens because people can still hang outside there rooms. I’m an introvert, I hate night life so I don’t know.

I’ll post my photos and my photos with friends as soon as I get the photos from them. Maybe another post for myself and with them. 

I will reblog this post until I got all the photos :)

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September 05, 2014 / 5 ♥

Fyi, my birthday was on August 20. But due to school and thesis, I’m moving my celebration tomorrow til Sunday! I’m packing up now.

I can’t wait to blog about my birthday with friends. I’m hoping everyone I invited could come because I was really expecting them to celebrate with me because it’s our last year in college.

I’m off for now.

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1st of September 2014

September 01, 2014 / 9 ♥

I’m not going to let this day pass without a 1st-day-of-the-month post. Well, I have been blogging well recently because it’s my sembreak for 1 week.

September 1 is an ordinary day for me but it is good, I guess. The package arrived and I might just post it together with my recent haul (if ever I get the will to go out of the house again). I read from Wattpad in my iPod and played games in my iPad. How boring? Yes. I’m trying to stay in my room as much as possible to avoid food.

I spent the night talking to my boyfriend in Facetime and we ended up laughing and stuff. Now, he just told me that he got a Christmas gift for me already. He just got me something expensive… :-(

For the first weekend of September, I’ll be staying at Sofitel with friends as my late birthday celebration! Hooray! But next week, hello to my new and last semester.

How’s you Septermber 1st?

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