20 on August 20

August 21, 2014 / 17 ♥


I’m not a teenager anymore but it didn’t make me feel old at all. I actually didn’t feel anything when I reached 20 - not even a sign of aging. I didn’t plan to do anything yesterday because my birthday celebration will be on September. Seriously! Because, school is…

My boyfriend greeted me first even though it’s August 19 in USA! <3 I didn’t publicize my birthday in Facebook because I don’t actually know every friend I have. It also filtered out the people who really remember and know my birthday.

So how’s my birthday? I went to Baclaran church to pray. It was bad in the morning just because I had to go to school to submit a CD! My friend didn’t come for coffee too. So I decided to buy cakes for myself and the other, I went back to the office where I had my internship.


My parents picked me up from the office and we went somewhere and I ended up buying a new dresser and a new shoe rack for my room which is indeed, a great happiness for me. Redecorating my room because I’m 20 is something good!

We got home and I just organized my school files in my laptop and tried to get some more memory for iPhone. Well, that’s boring. So I ended up sleeping and woke up at night for a family dinner in a Chinese restaurant.


It was still a tiring day for me. I ended the day thanking people, changing my profile photo, being guilty because I ate a lot, thinking of school projects, talking to my boyfriend, and talking to my #bff til 2. I’m still waiting for my celebration, the real one, with my friends and I can’t wait to blog about it.


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New White Shoes

August 08, 2014 / 10 ♥

I’ve been so busy today as my thesis defense day is getting nearer and nearer and it kinda haunts me. Joke lang!

I’m going to submit a final project next week which is a game. Bless me, I don’t understand anything and I can’t go any further than page jumping and creating new users. When I said I can’t, I am serious. I seriously made so much effort trying to understand the lectures in class but I guess it’s not my problem anymore because nobody understood the lessons anyway! So bless us all for the submission which is on next week.

I watched my friend’s thesis defense today. I helped her and supported her and even put make up on her. She passed and I’m so happy for her. I always encourage her to stay positive. I guess she did. #bff

My other friend is sick. Get well soon. :) #bff

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Recent Haul

August 05, 2014 / 12 ♥




  • That elegant bag from Secosana. I love that brand, it’s local yet so durable and stylish. I’m not planning to buy a bag but I think it was love at first sight so I bought it.
  • Don’t you just love these floral stuff? It’s so perfect for my room and it fits my inner self so well!
  • Hair pins from Pinkbox! It’s been a long time since I entered their store because there’s none here in my area. 

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Orange and Fur

August 04, 2014 / 9 ♥


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Hap Chan

August 04, 2014 / 9 ♥

I can’t count anymore how many times have we dined in Hap Chan. It was new for my family and we all love eating Chinese. Like everytime we go out, we’ll prefer Chinese over anything else.

This was last Sunday. It was my first time to bring camera to Hap Chan that’s why it’s also my first time to blog about it. By the way, those are not just the food my dad ordered. There’s more. I’m sad that I wasn’t able to take a photo of my forever favorite, hot prawn/shrimp salad. 

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